So you're mortgage ready (or almost ready) and you've got your mortgage matches from us... but what can I do with my matches?

On your matches you can do all of the below, and when you're happy to continue, just book in with one of our experts and we'll get you on the way to sorting your mortgage application.

Sorting your results

The mortgage options you see are sorted by cheapest monthly cost by default. Use the sort option at the top of your matches to change the sort order to either Total Annual Cost or APRC.

Editing your results

By default your mortgage matches are shown based on a 2 year initial period on a repayment basis. You can change these options as well as your deposit, property value, any additional borrowing by selecting the Edit option at the top of your matches (next to Sort).

The Edit option isn't there!

If you've booked in to speak to an expert we block the Edit feature. We do this as it allows your expert to complete their research based on what you last entered. Don't worry though, if anything has changed, you can chat to your expert about this when you have your appointment.

Starting over

If you need to change anything other than the options available under Edit you have two options:

  1. If you've booked an appointment... speak to your expert when you have your appointment. They'll update everything and discuss your revised needs and circumstances with you during your chat.

  2. If you haven't booked an appointment... use the Start Over option to clear your case and start again afresh.

Speaking to an expert

If you're happy with everything, it's time to speak to an expert at Mojo. We offer free advice on home buying and mortgage recommendations and we'll handle your application from start to finish too, tackling all that pesky paperwork and chasing lenders and solicitors on your behalf.

Your Mortgage in Principle

If you're purchasing a property and we think you're eligible for a mortgage, we will also give you access to your own personal Mojo Mortgage in Principle document to download from your matches page. Just download this and show it to your estate agent to give them confidence that the offer you're making can be taken seriously. Ok, we'll admit, it's not a guarantee of a mortgage, but based on what you've told us and the checks we've done, its a good early indicator that'll you'll be able to get a mortgage once we get into the detail.

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