Can't login? That's not good.

But before you get in touch, have a work through this simple checklist to try and resolve the issue yourself. And if you're still stuck at the end of this, all you need to do is give us a nudge on live chat and we'll be with you in a jiffy.

Check for your account setup email

Everyone gets one when they complete our full fact find, sent to the email address you entered in journey. This will give you what you need to set a password for your account and login.

Try the Forgotten Password feature

Whether you've setup your account or not, you can use the Forgotten Password option on the login screen to send yourself a new link to create a new password for your account.

Try the Magic Link login feature

Not bothered about setting a password? You'll only forget it, right? Use the Magic Link option on the login screen. This will send a link to your inbox which'll log you straight back in to your account.

Tip: For any of the above, check your junk/spam folders too!

None of these worked?

If you didn't use an email you have access to or entered your email address wrong, you won't get any of these emails and you'll need to reach out to us on live chat so we can confirm who you are and lookup your account for you.

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